I'll be waving my hand watching you drown, watching you scream, quiet or loud

Time to rant!

So where do I start... I haven't done a usual "year in concerts" post yet from last year (which will be good, cause there were…
I have lost my Kindlepic

I have lost my Kindle.....

But of course I have a million actual BOOKS to read!

2013-What are you up to?

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! Well 2013 is here, so what are you planning this year?!?  Concerts, shows, festivals, traveling.... I am excited for my first concert this…
Gotta love how kids decoratepic

Gotta love how kids decorate

Christmas was a crazy blur-i took very few photos for some reason!?

What I'm addicted to right now...

Well here it is- I may not have a whole bunch of time in a day so mostly I just have stuff that keeps me happy! Candles!…

Its been a while...

No, not Lyrics from the Staind song... ME...its been QUITE a while since I have been around and really for no good reason except LIFE, takes…
Fish townpic

Fish town

So YAY..I got to be mom helper on the Kindergarten field trip (I totally volunteered so I can't complain) and while walking the boys found…
Since I have to be up anyways..pic

Since I have to be up anyways..

I might as well get some nice sunrise shots-Hockey for my oldest is still not over for the season yet..two more weeks (yay) and one…
Sat morning at 6 am...pic

Sat morning at 6 am...

SUCKS mostly!  This is one of the only good things about having to be up so early for Hockey practice

Out of touch!!

So......ya, I've been totally absent from BN for quite a bit of time now (just life stuff that got in the way) and now I…
I really need to work on my editing skills....but u get the picturepic
Photo Assignment 43: Coffeepic
Some days are rough...some, not so much :pic
Happy St. Patricks Daypic

Happy St. Patricks Day

...gotta have the green beer :)
Those butterflies are a comingpic
Here Piggy, Piggy, Piggypic
Oh the life..pic

Oh the life..

such a pretty flamingo
Campin outpic

Campin out

Bunnies are the cutest things ever!
Hai Pretty Ladypic

Hai Pretty Lady

First day the petting zoo opened~such a cute day!
Addicted to...LEMONS!pic

Addicted to...LEMONS!

I started drinking hot water with half a lemon squeezed in it a while back as part of a cleanse that I was doing and…
King Clover Ruled New Years Evepic

King Clover Ruled New Years Eve

Clover the cat and his lil wee party hat :)
x Suck My Kiss xxpic

x Suck My Kiss xx

x Suck My Kiss xx - Mom Most Likely to Make You Hot Cocoa and Bust Out Photo Albums of Her Adorable BB's Until All…
♥suckmykiss♥ Jan 02, 2011 Originally by aviva
Photo of the Day Assignment 3: Takes my pain awaypic

Photo of the Day Assignment # 3: Takes my pain away

Wide open spaces-fresh air and a crisp winter day on a foggy cold lake
Death by CANDY!!pic

Death by CANDY!!

So each one of my three boys got about a quarter bag full of candy, put that all together and we have a life time…
G'morning Halloween!pic
A day at the lakepic

A day at the lake

Took the boys fishing for trout, had a bonfire with marshmallows and hot dogs...such a great day. I think this used to hold up an old…

I got BOOzed!!

Last night around 9pm I heard the doorbell ring and was kinda creeped out, who the hellz was at my door so late on a…


Right now I am doing the Wild Rose Herbal D-Tox and actually feeling pretty good...its tough not having any dairy, no flour or yeast and…
Lake Dayspic

Lake Days

So my fav thing about this picture is the Bang Bus on the other side of the lake~I have no idea where Jon came up…
Burnin Sunpic

Burnin Sun

This year we had so many forest fires, and during the day the smoke was so thick you could stare at the sun....it was strange…
Froggy Lovepic

Froggy Love

*no edit* The elusive and rare rubber blue lake frog....ok so the boys just threw rubber frogs into the lake for fun :)
Crabby much?!?pic

Crabby much?!?

I am having a totally crabby day~I don't feel like I'm getting anything done and its already lunch...ughhhh-hopefully tomorrow will be better
Checkin out the local sea life :pic
The perfect place to spend my B-daypic

The perfect place to spend my B-day

Was great going home for a week-Mom and Dad still like to spoil me in my old age, and great friends and great family made…

PLEASE DON'T FEED................THE GOATS?!

This was so great! The kids loved that the goats are on the roofs of this little in the middle of nowhere market :)
Coombs Taxipic
Sunset Boat Ridepic
Luminary Lightspic

Luminary Lights

These were lit up around the track that we walked on the weekend for the Relay For Life- its a 12 hour 7pm-7am walk to…
Colors of Summerpic

Colors of Summer

ahhhh....I am so excited for warm weather and cold drinks...
Of course he found a way to get on to the roof of the shoppic

Of course he found a way to get on to the roof of the shop

I just have to shake my head and hope that we have no more broken arms this year...
Cat Nappic
Photo Assignment 43: Coffeepic


So...this is a little idea that the boys and I came up with, we are going to try to use a bunch of their toys…
Rain makes shit grown and stuffpic
Come out, come out, wherever you are...pic


Josh has a Fun Fair at school today....we had to make a cake for the cake walk, gawd I used to love doing those :)

While driving today...

I heard this song and it actually made me LOL...I closed the windows and cranked it up... It wasn't that I LOVED this song…
Butterfly gardenspic
Lego wars?!pic

Lego wars?!

Apparently Josh has gotten a hold of my camera and in his world this is something that needs to be captured on film!!
Photochain-Task 4pic

Photochain-Task #4

PETS! This is our lovely fish Shark Bait...the poor thing, I have no idea how it is still alive since I always seem to forget we…
I'm missing the olympics already!pic


Task 2 Closeup :) This is Ernest...she doesn't like to be woken up for photo's!
goodbye stormspic
lunch :pic

lunch :)

My one true love is Spicy Grilled Tuna...Prawn sushi rolls come in a close second...yummmm
For Shapershifter :pic

For Shapershifter :)

This was from when I was in Van for Warped, we were totally suppsed to try to hang out for coffee or something...but time got…
Photochain week 21-pic
GTFO of my way...pic

GTFO of my way...

hahaha...this guy was having the best time :)

Warped Tour 09 Vancouver, BC

These will probably just come out as i get them done...kinda jumbled but ill sort them out later
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♥suckmykiss♥ Sep 01, 2009
Blood Alleypic

Warped Tour 09 Vancouver, BC

These will probably just come out as i get them done...kinda jumbled but ill sort them out later
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♥suckmykiss♥ Aug 25, 2009
MEW angel...pic

MEW angel...

** Even tho i cant enter contest..(not living in the US and all)...i made one anyways! I luv B&W ps..thats a lil mew tat on her bum...hehehehe


So...its not that i forgot about Warped Tour so much, that i just am really excited to see ACDC two weeks after it..but i got…
Kids are so damn cutepic
Badass campingpic

Badass camping

My gf's lil guy Bowdie got to pick out the rims for the 1985 camper that have...LMAO a bunch of girls camping in the badass…
Go Canadapic

Go Canada

**old pic that I am using for my profile pic while the Olympics are here :)


...i see ur butt
Summer is herepic

Summer is here

....well not today cause its raining...but we have already had tons of nice warm days :)

Sometimes I bake shit....

But not that often..I make this cake once a year cause it takes me two days!! Its totally worth it tho, its Choc cake with…
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♥suckmykiss♥ Jun 21, 2009
Head in the cloudspic
..more Beespic

..more Bees

I tell ya, they are out in full force now!


They are everywhere already!!
White...Photo Chainpic

Buzzmob Scavenger Hunt

Im going to finish this even if i dont make deadline!
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♥suckmykiss♥ May 07, 2009

Buzzmob Scavenger Hunt

Im going to finish this even if i dont make deadline!
5 new pics
♥suckmykiss♥ May 05, 2009

Buckcherry, Papa Roach and The Trews

So...i went to this concert...took some crappy ass pics ..yay, here they are!
10 new pics
♥suckmykiss♥ May 05, 2009
I'm blue..pic

I'm blue..

So ok..i am the worst nail painter girl eva!! But I luved this China Glaze "Bahamian Escape" color so much that I gave it a…
Photo Assignment 40: What's It Feel Like To Be A Ghost?pic

Photo Assignment #40: What's It Feel Like To Be A Ghost?

I dont know why..or how this applies it was just what i wanted for this one!
I luv getting shoes in the mail..pic

I luv getting shoes in the mail..

Yes, when the weather is bad i have a bad habit of shopping online!!! But I love the cool stuff you can get..and these make…


I dont know why..i just love this shot
The Fallspic

The Falls

Took a drive today, out to a spot we used to go when I was younger and jump off the top of the falls...this brought…
reply Twitter Challenge--SUCKER!!pic

@reply Twitter Challenge--SUCKER!!

I admit..im hooked on tha suckers...
I freakin luv that Mario is still around!pic
Photo Assignment 36: Where Is My Mind?pic

Photo Assignment #36: Where Is My Mind?

....in the gutter, as usual i'm sure!!
Its cold...but still prettypic

Its cold...but still pretty

It was FREEZING that day..we tried to fly a kite but it was too windy and too cold....still looked nice tho!

Something I love...where do i start...

The things i loveI love sleep...but never get enough of itI love coffee..ok, im an addict...but it keeps me awake(refer to prior line)I love snowboarding…
Im such a nerd sometimespic
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